Powerscreen Chieftain 2100X BIVITEC

The Powerscreen® Chieftain 2100X is available with a 2 deck version of the Binder+Co BIVITEC screen for applications where the feed contains damp, fibrous or matted materials that clog the screen openings of conventional machines. The Chieftain 2100X BIVITEC has 3 movements taking place providing the powerful screening actions required for these difficult materials. The entire screen box moves in the same circular motion as other Powerscreen® incline screens whilst each of the 2 individual screens resonates causing the flexible polyurethane screen mats to continually tension and un-tension. This powerful screening action eliminates ‘blinding’ and makes screening effective in all weather conditions.


  • Output potential up to 400 tph (441 US tph)
  • Powerful screening action keeps the screen openings clear
  • Suitable for screening damp, fibrous or matted materials
  • Suitable for sizing materials ranging between 0.5mm-100mm
  • Vibration parameters are individually adjustable for each screening deck
  • Single drive screen mechanism, low energy consumption
  • Quick to change screen mats
  • Screen walkway and access ladder
  • Hydraulic folding conveyors


  • Radio controlled tracks
  • Roll-in bogie prepared
  • Roll-in bogie equipped
  • Dual Power
  • Dust supression
  • Auto lubrication system
  • Vibrating grizzly
  • Anti roll-back



Weight (Est) 39,450kgs (86,790lbs)
Transport width 2.96m (9’9″)
Transport length 18.05m (57’3″)
Transport height 3.45m (11’4″)
Working width 18.2m (59’10”)
Working length 19.1m (60’8″)
Working height 3.45m (11’4″)
Screen unit 5.9m x 1.5m (19’x5′)

* All information subject to machine configurations & specifications ordered.
** Powerscreen reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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