Powerscreen® Warrior 2400

The Powerscreen Warrior Range was developed in response to the need for an aggressive heavy duty open plan mobile screening unit that would work well in difficult applications. Warrior screening plants have been a great success over the last 10 years which has kept Powerscreen focused on developing and expanding the range further. With that commitment came the biggest and in my opinion the best Warrior to hit the market to date, the 2400. This unit produces where other units simply can’t perform and get shut down!

Powerscreen® Warrior 2400

The 2400 has been an exciting and very successful addition to the Warrior range since its launch back in 2010. This unit has been extremely popular with larger scale operators, particularly in mining and quarrying sectors where production and product durability are paramount.

The number one challenge with increasing the size of mobile products is running the risk of sacrificing the mobility & transportability of the machine due to weight and dimensional increases. The goal is to have the unit fold up and be moved down the highway as one load without restrictions.

Another challenge Powerscreen had to overcome when designing the larger Warrior unit was figuring out how to maintain the screenbox performance under a larger weight load due to the box itself being heavier as well as the square footage increasing and the actual material load on the box being heavier. This issue slowed the project momentum for some time as our experienced team didn’t believe that just having a bigger version of the Warrior 1800 16’x5’ 2 bearing box was enough to satisfy our customers with difficult fine screening applications. With that in mind Powerscreen designed the 2400 high amplitude triple shaft heavy duty incline screenbox. This hock bolted box has proven to be a true winner with our more experienced customers. This triple shaft arrangement has full stroke adjustability to suit any application and rotational speed of the box can be easily tuned to ensure everything stays within the recommended factory guidelines.

Like every new product, Powerscreen tested multiple units in the toughest applications and made the necessary changes in order to meet the heavy duty quality standards a unit like this requires. The Warrior 2400 is capable of handling larger feed sizes than any other Powerscreen unit and is capable of
out producing the rest of the range with throughputs up to 800tph.

The Warrior 2400 has been such an impressive machine that many customers have returned and purchased multiple units for their additional operation.

If high production and excellent screening efficiency is what you’re looking for this is the unit for you. The Warrior 2400 can be fitted with bofor bars, punch plate or regulars mesh screens on the top deck and punch plate or regular mesh screens bottom deck.