Washing Equipment

All Powerscreen products are designed to operate individually or in conjunction with other Powerscreen products to create an entire plant tailored to specific customer requirement. Complete wash plants can be designed, manufactured, installed and tested by Powerscreen.


Mobile Rinser

Designed for quick installation and ease of re-location, the mobile range includes the Chieftain 1400, 1700 and 2100X. The static risner screenbox range that incorporates chutes, walkways and support structure’s.

Finesmaster Range

FM Compact Range
The range uses centrifugal force within the cyclone(s) to remove clay, silt and slime from sand to bring it into specification. The range combines a collection tank, centrifugal slurry pump(s), hydrocyclone(s) and a dewatering screen on a single chassis.

FM Bucket Wheel Range
The unit removes silts, slimes and clays from sand to produce up to 2 saleable products in applications including concrete, mortar and asphalt sands, quarry dust/crushed fines, lake and beach sands, silica sand, golf course sands, filter bed sands, recycled materials and iron ore.
The range combines a dewatering bucket wheel(s), a centrifugal slurry pump, hydrocyclone(s), a collection tank and a dewatering screen on a single chassis.

Dewatering Range

The Terex Washing Systems Dewatering screens are specifically designed to dewater material to allow it to be stock piled.
The range includes washing, dewatering and scrubbing capabilities. The Powerscreen® Dewaterers & Sand Plant Range is specifically designed to remove contaminates from sand to produce high quality saleable material.


Bucketwheel Range

T Range

The Terex® T Range are are mobile bucket water dewaterers complete with fines retention screw, twin bucket wheel designed units for the removal of clays, silts and slimes to produce up to 2 grades of sand.
The T Range is designed to operate with maximum versatility and can support different requirements such as maximum retention of fines or maximum disposal of fines.
The T Range can be driven hydraulically from the M Range or from its own optional electric power pack.


Logwasher Range

The Powerscreen® Powerscrub “Logwasher” range takes washing one step further by providing high speed scrubbing of heavily contaminated material to produce cleaner material at a faster rate. The Powerscrub range is designed with a trough and two axles with interchangeable blades and paddles which intensively mix the material. Friction from this process breaks down feed contaminates and allows scrubbed material to be stockpiled.



The Powerscreen® Aggwash is a new mobile wash plant that brings together for the first time rinsing, screening, scrubbing and sand washing capabilities on a single transportable chassis. Primarily designed for the processing of construction & demolition waste but equally suited to virgin material applications. The Aggwash is capable of producing 4 grades of aggregate and a single grade of sand at up to 60 tonnes per hour.